Shit House


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A shit EP for shit people.


released August 7, 2017



all rights reserved


FUCKED Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

The secondary solo project of Tanpopo Crisis. Here's the main project:

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Track Name: Shit House
Try and fill your life with the things you've lost
With everything you've never had
You're just a walking guilt trip
Nothing but a shallow puddle of shit
Fuck the who you are
Fuck who you pretend to be
A scream for attention with shitty intentions
You come from a shit house with shit people and a shit life
You hate yourself
I hate you too
Fuck your cries for help
Fuck who you pretend to be
No one has a sliver of respect for you
Cause you weep a never ending sob story
Fuck who you are
Fuck who you pretend to be
Track Name: The Mainline Scab
An augmented judgment
A criminal past
Failure to all
Loved by no one
The scab you prick time after time
How did you become so shallow?
You moronically hold your head in a fire
Shitting where you sleep
Shitting where you eat
You question your purpose like anyone else
But you've dug yourself a hole that you call a home
And there is no light for you to reach
There is no fucking light
Track Name: Unforgiving Hand
No use in moving
You just take the abuse
You crawl and you beg and you worship
Only to take another unforgiving hand
Starving bones needing the wondering eye
But no one wants to look that way
Track Name: The Dream Is Over
Your lips are permanently black
No soul or a sense of being
An apparition that's fading away
Only an ambition to escape
Never to move on
The dream is over
Track Name: Dying In The Chains Of Progress
The days of glorified dehumanization are becoming memory
You sit and fondle yourself to the thought of your youth
Only the scathing chains of progress hold you down now
You've done nothing but turn your gaze down
A rogue and almost violent state
Hypotheticals won't work anymore
An idea lined with distortion
Hateful works spoken by a dying man
Trust me now
You're nothing of use
Decades of feigning abuse
You're a really piece of shit